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History of Oil
Top 10 World Oil Giants
These are the ones to thank for the high gas prices.................................The rich get richer!
Let's take you to the beginning of time, the lucky ones!.........Find out where it came from!
Other US Oil Giants has been created because americans are sick and tired of pumping their hard earned money into their gas tanks!  With the economy barely making it week to week, we have CEOs of oil companies making millions of dollars.  Why is this?

Now, we have a race for president at stake.  All we hear is, change change change from Obama!  There's nothing that will change the way the oil industry does business because they are the God of this nation!  No matter who the president is, the oil industry will continue to rape this nation by raising the prices of gas more and more each and every year.  Sometimes, the gas goes down, just to tease us a little and make us happy. Then months later, it skyrockets up, just enough to go down a little more later.  It's a mind game that these oil companies are playing with the american nation.

Why Why Why are the oil companies showing record profits?
To make sure that they make enough for the future!

Why are we not drilling on the East and West Coast?
Have no idea! Protecting what?  We're not going to be around long enough to protect this land if we allow the oil companies to continue to rape us with the gas prices.

Why aren't we using the reserves just to get us through this era?
Plenty plenty plenty to get us through! The oil companies can replace that later, we're looking for a problem solver now!

Why aren't the brains of the world creating new alternatives to eliminate the need of oil?
Good Question!  Believe me, it's already done, we just don't know about it! A nice big conspiracy.

Why are the CEOs making so much money?
Millions and Millions, bonuses, and other incentives that we'll never know about!
Why is the President, congress, whoever allowing this to happen?
When will it end?
No matter who the president is, it's a money issue!  The oil companies own the president as well as the world, so there's no beating this unless we have a revolution!