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Apache Corporation NYSE: APA is an independent oil and gas corporation based in Houston, Texas.

Apache has become a large multinational company, with regional offices and operations in Argentina, Australia, Canada, Egypt and UK North Sea.

In 2006, Apache's market capitalization was approximately $21 billion. The company reserves are roughly half oil and half natural gas.

In 1954, Apache Oil Corporation is founded in Minneapolis, Minnesota, by Truman Anderson, Raymond Plank and Charles Arnao.  In 1955 the first wells were drilled in the Cushing field, between Tulsa and Oklahoma City.   Apache acquired interests in the Foshay Tower (a Minneapolis landmark). The 32-story imitation of the Washington Monument, will become Apache’s headquarters location from the early ‘60s until 1984.  In 1967 Fagerness #1 oil discovery.  In 1970, Apache expanded in agriculture with the acquisition of Fresno, California’s S&J Ranch. Apache Corporation formed Apache Exploration Company (subsequently “Apexco”) as the oil and gas operating child company. In 1980,  Apache acquired non-operating interest (through participation in the Shell Joint Venture) in the Gulf Of Mexico, opening the door to production on the Offshore Continental Shelf.

In 1987 Apache moved its headquarters of 33 years from Minneapolis to Denver.
In 1991 Apache acquired the MW Petroleum assets from Amoco, buying Apache a position in the Permian Basin of West Texas. Apache Headquarters moved to Houston, Texas then acquires Hadson Energy Resources, expanding Apache's assests to offshore Western Australia.
exico.  In 2005 Apache and ExxonMobil completed a series of agreements that provided for transfers and joint ventures across a broad range of properties.
Type Public
Founded 1954
Headquarters Houston, Texas
Key people G. Steven Farris, President & CEO
Industry Oil Production
Products Petrochemical products
Revenue ?US$7.58 billion (2005)
Employees 4000 (2003)