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Burlington Resources, is an American oil and gas company. Their headquarters are in Houston, Texas.

Based in Houston, Texas, BR has major offices located in Calgary, London, Farmington, Midland and Fort Worth. After the merger with ConocoPhillips, stockholders received 0.7214 shares of ConocoPhillips common stock plus $46.50 in cash for each share of Burlington Resources; before the merger, shares of Burlington Resources had last traded at $91.91.

1988: Burlington Resources is formed as a stand-alone resource company to manage Burlington Northern Railroad Company's resource assets (formerly including companies such as Milestone Petroleum, El Paso Company and Meridian Oil Inc, as well as land holdings and mineral rights granted in 1864 by Abraham Lincoln). BR stock is offered to the public.

In 2006, BR acquired by ConocoPhillips in a deal worth about US$35.6 billion.
Type Public (NYSE: OXY)
Founded 1920
Headquarters Los Angeles, California
Key people Dr. Ray R. Irani, Chairman, President and CEO, industry = Oil and gas
Products Oil, Natural gas, Petrochemicals
Market Cap [$49.34 billion USD (2007)
Employees 8,886